TML> Kanga & Morg This is my gallery (still under construction)

I do believe I'm being given the stinkeye! (maybe 2!)

I love this picture of morg!!

morg and caroline :)

Playin with my phone. thats my girl!

us misbehaving in vegas! He's such a bad influence!

Finally got a couple of pics of us together that didnt involve middle fingers, bunny ears

wet willies, or me trying to get him to pipe down.
tho we did have the occasional moment of weakness:

(im rolling my eyes there, in case anyones wondering)
got a couple of us separate too :)

My gimp, coerced into stylin his new specs :)




Gimp + Shadow


me. bleh.


our jeeps! (aka 'old n busted' and 'new hotness')


L to R: Kanga, Sgt.pete's wife, Sgt. Pete, Morg
[Sgt Pete plays Desert Combat with Morg, Seldon and occasionally myself :)]

(modedit: kanga is a gimp)<- by association only, i swear